Service: International courier service.

We provide the most flexible and direct shipping routes for your consignments

We operate a point to point distribution strategy in order to maximise efficiency and flexibility. Here is our rules in working:

+ Later collection

+ Competitive pricing

+ Superior and special customer services.

+ Faster transit

-         - Kinds of shipment:

 + Document: Invoice, packing list, C/O, letter,… Max weight: 2.5 kgs

+ Parcel: small sample or goods.

-        - Transit and cost: Economy and Express.

+ Economy services: you will save the money, but the transit time will be longer.

+ Express services: you will save the time for urgent shipment or document, but the price will be higher.

Our network enables us to pick up from and deliver to anywhere in the world – quickly, professionally and efficiently. As a result, businesses can benefits from the faster turnaround times and reduced storage costs.  All depend on your choice.